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Home Selling Tips by Sherlock Homes: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Property

Are you planning to sell your house soon? Are you already looking for buyers in Perth? Then wait until you go through this article. We have some secret tips from our very own expert Sherlock that can help you immensely.

History has taught us that the property market goes through a 10-year cycle, especially in a place like Perth. Timing the market is a critical aspect to get the most out of your property. 

Australian real estate market is highly competitive. If you offer a low price and expect it to be lapped up, then it may not happen. You need to stand out amongst the available properties, target the right market at the right time, and ensure that buyers get to see the house’s best features on sale. Here are the top tips that will help you get the best price possible.

Survey The Competition

You are in a competition, and every other house for sale is also contending for the same buyers. Attend some open house sales and listen to people. It would be best if you gauged people’s reactions to understand their needs. This will help you understand what the features that current buyers want in their new home. You make the necessary changes in the house if possible and feasible.

Hire An Agent

Some people are already experienced and know how to strike a deal or the entire process of selling the house. However, it is a personal choice to hire an agent.

You can save a lot of money by trying to sell the house without the agent’s fee. But the fact remains that an estate agent has more knowledge and more resources at his disposal. An experienced agent can help you sell the house at a higher profit even if you consider the commission paid to him.

At the same time, don’t be in a rush to hire the first agent recommended by someone or the first name you find in the yellow pages’ or online. Do some research in the market and hire a well-known agent, know the market’s pulse, the buyers’ sentiments, and help you get the best price possible? Choose a local agent who knows both the market, the available houses for sale, and the buyers’ information.

Check out the article that we wrote about hiring the right real estate agency.

Ensure That The Prospective Buyers Like The House

Before you start repairing the house for a sale, take advice from the agent. Why should you spend a lot of money on a property that may backfire or not recover the money spent? Any further investment in the house should be well planned to get more profits. 

A local agent will know what kind of repairs and renovations would enhance the value of your house. He will be well aware of the kind of buyers and their budgets in the area. This will help you to invest in the right repairs and not go overboard. Ensures the property remains within the price range in your area and yet be attractive.

Once the house is ready, you and your agent must use all possible means to advertise the house in the right media. It would include newspapers, hoarding outside the house, internet social media, and word-of-mouth publicity.


The house can be renovated easily if you follow some basic practical tips for making any house more functional and beautiful. Check the status of the house and hire a handyman for minor repairs. 

Paint And Spruce Up

Paint the interior walls. This does not mean any fancy wall designs or plain dull whites. Follow the latest trends and paint walls. External walls also need to look clean and fresh. A coat of fresh paint after repairs would make the walls look good. Ensure all the light fixtures are working and illuminate the house well. No prospective buyer would like a dark house where he cannot even look at things properly.

The House Should Be Functional.

The kitchen should be functional. Don’t spend money on flashy gadgets as each buyer may have something else in mind, and your money will be wasted. Repair doors, windows, cabinets, wardrobes, and hinges. No creaky sounds should be observed. Don’t spend on replacing with flashy facades; just functional and pleasant will do.

Repair All The Leaks/Taps

Ensure that the taps and showers are not leaking; the faucets should be clean. The pipes and drainage should be clear and without blocks. The roof and ceiling should be spick and span. No falling plaster or leaky roofs. The tiles and interior flooring should be clean without cracks and splinters. Use a carpet if you have one; otherwise, don’t go out of the way to buy one.

The Exterior Of The House Should Be Attractive.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then spruce it up. A little landscaping and neatly trimmed lawn would make the house appear better than before. Do not go out of the way to get a landscaped garden, but trimmed shrubs and a clean lawn would add to the house’s value.

Clean As Much As You Can

After all these renovations, the most critical aspect is to clean the interiors and outside as much as possible. The house should have a lived-in appearance but not a messy one. Don’t leave the remnants of long-forgotten meals, paint cans, brushes, or rags used to clean around. And yes, the house should smell clean. 

Present A Home

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Present the house as a cohesive unit and not individual rooms. All the rooms must have a utility value or purpose attached to them, like the master bedroom and study or kids’ bedroom and so on. 

Do not spend too much on cleaning and renovating, which will only drive up the house’s price. Spend a reasonable amount to make the house more useful and presentable. The new owners will bring in new ideas and change it again, but no one would like to buy a house with rusty pipes and a leaky roof.

Now that the house is ready for viewing. You can choose whether you want to go through an agent or not. You can also choose to have open days or exclusive one on one meetings with prospective buyers.

Final Thoughts

Selling a house is not as difficult as you feel. If you are out to buy a house, would you buy the one that you are showing? Be reasonable and spruce the house up. This will ensure that soon it will find a buyer who will love the house’s warmth and love and be ready to pay you what you quote.