Case Study

Home Restoration in Midland, Perth: A Sherlock Case Study 

November 20, 2023

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Welcome to our latest case study, where we dive into the transformation of a property in Midland. This property underwent a comprehensive renovation, breathing new life into its spaces and preserving its historical charm. 


This project began with a thorough evaluation of the property’s condition and our client’s vision. The main objective was to elevate the property’s value, with a focus on future resale. 

Work Done 

Ceilings and Cornice Revitalisation 

Our team meticulously revitalised the ceilings and cornices, restoring them to their former glory. This step was crucial in maintaining the property’s historical integrity. 

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Lighting Upgrade 

We embraced modernity with LED and feature pendant lighting, carefully selected to complement the period aesthetics while providing energy-efficient illumination. 

Kitchen Renovation 

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Cupboards and Stone Benchtops:


The kitchen underwent a stunning transformation, showcasing custom stone benchtops, large format stone tile splashbacks, and premium cabinetry in a timeless white ultra-gloss finish. The remodeling of this kitchen not only enhances its visual appeal but also maximises functionality, creating a space that beckons you to spend quality time within its newly designed confines. 

Appliances and Period Features:


New appliances were seamlessly integrated, and a premium free-standing custom-fitted oven found its place in the original slow combustion recess, perfectly aligning with the period aesthetic. 

Bathroom Renovations 

DSC00058 1 Home Restoration in Midland, Perth: A Sherlock Case Study 7

Both bathrooms underwent a comprehensive transformation, which included a thoughtful upgrade of plumbing and drainage for the integration of modern fixtures. The entire space was revamped with changes ranging from the addition of mirrors, tiles, paint, and lighting to a complete transformation of the shower area. The rearrangement was done to enhance overall bathroom functionality, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable space for everyday use. 

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A substantial amount of painting was carried out throughout the entirety of this property. Walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces received meticulous attention, contributing to the overall rejuvenation and cohesive aesthetic of the entire space. 

Floor Restoration 

The old growth wide plank Jarrah floorboards were re-stumped and restored, bringing warmth and character back to the living spaces. 

Architraves and Skirting Boards 

Ornate architraves and skirting boards were carefully removed and restored, contributing to the property’s overall elegance. 

Period Ceiling Restoration 

The ornate period ceilings were meticulously restored, ensuring the internal integrity of the ceiling frames and roof structure supports for longevity. 

DSC00070 2 Home Restoration in Midland, Perth: A Sherlock Case Study 11


Minor gardening and landscaping were done to increase curb appeal. We added fencing, plants, and shrubs, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The exterior was also given a fresh coat of paint, completing the revitalization. 

DSC00103 final Home Restoration in Midland, Perth: A Sherlock Case Study 13

Project Timeline 

The entire transformation took approximately a year and a half, highlighting the dedication to detail and craftsmanship invested in this renovation. 

Walkthrough video 

Experience the magic of this renovation. Watch the YouTube walkthrough video used for the sale, showcasing the beauty and functionality of this transformed property. 


Having successfully sold and significantly increased the sale value, the Midland renovation serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the seamless fusion of modern convenience with historical charm. If you’re envisioning a similar transformation for your property, hesitate no more—contact us for a personalised and expert services.  

Rather than merely becoming another listing in the market, we specialise in helping you elevate your property with an upgraded appearance and distinctive features that set it apart from comparable listings in the area. This strategic approach allows us to position your property at a higher price point compared to similar homes on the market, ultimately ensuring a successful sale at a more favorable price. It’s about maximising the return on your investment. 

When you’re contemplating a sale, connect with our team, and witness firsthand the impact our property preparation process can have on your final price. Let’s turn your property into a standout success on the market. 


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