We provide comprehensive property preparation that gets your home ready for sale, while improving its value in the process.

This is more than just a good clean, a few touch-ups here and there, and on-trend staging. Our team helps you identify the specific elements that will add real value to your home, from a new coat of paint to a complete renovation or addition.

We perform preliminary research, complete a comparative market analysis, then conduct a professional appraisal of your home with two of our agents. We assess the property, and its potential—not just on its face value, but looking past what’s currently there to see what it could be worth. We’ll identify the improvements that will get a better return come the sale, and compare your property against what it could be worth if it was in a different suburb.

It’s all about capturing your property in its best possible light, so you achieve the best possible result.

We are partnered with real estate Pay Later services. This allows us to offer our clients funds for improvements up to $25,000 with 0% interest, payment at 6 months or settlement.

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We manage the entire process for you

We know that you’re already under enough stress when selling your property, and fitting it in around your busy schedule. That’s why we manage the entire property preparation process for you:

  • Repairs, cleaning, and home staging
  • Home improvements that get your property ready for market
  • Minor repairs to get everything in best working order
  • Adding larger renovations to increase your ROI when selling
  • Complete new additions to your property to up the price significantly
  • You access our network of trades, from carpenters, painters, and electricians, to landscapers, who we trust to deliver our results

You simply get on with your life while we get your house ready to sell.

Create more value in your property

When you live somewhere, there are certain quirks that you’re happy to accept. But when selling, it’s those little quirks that get in the way of achieving the price you want.

We help you identify those little things that need changing—and the big things that you might not even notice—that make all the difference to your sale.

  • Get your property truly ready for market
  • Showcase your property in the best possible light
  • Create a competitive environment in which to show your property
  • Attract higher-value customers
  • Achieve a sale price that exceeds your expectations


Get in touch with us to see the difference that real property preparation makes to your home.