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Simon Bird, Partner

My story starts in Middle sex just outside of London England. Born in the late ’70s as I understand it, there was a dawning of a new era and London was a cultural melting pot. The way of life on the streets of Hounslow in the shadows of the deafening Heathrow airport set the tone for finding ways to adapt and make the most of what the concrete jungle gave you.


It’s hard to pinpoint or put into words, but living in that environment for the first ten years of my life has played a huge part in who I am today for sure.


Thinking back, we always had to get what toys and clothing etc that we needed from “jumble sales” which are similar to local swap meets or Sunday markets here. It’s Here in these loud, crammed, cold open-air car parks, whereas a kid I was exposed to the Hounslow hustle, picking up a second-hand bargain here was such a thrill it felt like everything was within reach and anything was possible!


Better still, then turning something that you picked up from someone’s car boot sale for next to nothing, in the blur of a cleanup, polish and a few clever swaps in the schoolyard meant you could have exactly what you wanted for bugger all and have a ball in the process.


At a very young age, doing different and out of the box, thinking was almost a necessity.

Now proud to be a permanent resident and internally grateful for my parent’s bold gutsy move to migrate here with our family of 8, I believe we here are truly blessed to share the most beautiful country on Earth!


Starting again like this at such a young age also brought with it lessons and character building.


Family, loyalty, integrity and trust are traits that pioneers of every era heavily rely on to forge into new horizons. Now with my own 4 wonderful children I in-still these attributes and I am proud to share my Christian faith with the motto of: “Be Brave and Be Kind” with them every day.

With many attempts to start an empire under my belt before I even reached being a teenager, ranging from road train trolley collection carts to pick up used glass soda bottles, to house window cleaning and car wash enterprises, driven by my passion for music and dancing, it was at 18 I went for my first sales position in the National CD store chain Sanity Music.


It seemed like a really cool job and I had big dreams but there was a line of kids that went out to the Mall and I didn’t tell anyone that my dream was going for the Management role, but in the interview my cover was blown. I didn’t realise he would ask me directly “where do you see yourself in 2 years time?” As a set question in the interview process… where I answered instantly… “In your chair” he leaned back in his chair and said I’ve interviewed hundreds of kids in my time and no one has ever said that to me before! You got a job!” Just quietly, at that point Christmas Casual was my official title but who would have known in another blur I was made the youngest store manager in Australia within a year.


My passion for Music, Dancing and singing took me for another joy ride a couple years later when my brother and I auditioned for a reality TV show called Popstars! Long story short, from tens of thousands of hopefuls, I sung and danced till I was the last one eliminated and my brother Jason went on to win a spot in the final Aria winning group, Scandl’us.


Being the most watched TV show in the history of Australian television at the time, this superstar like experience exposed my brother and I to some of the most amazing things a couple of young guys could imagine and added to my can do anything attitude ten-fold.


In a few more twists and turns (pardon the pun) fascinated by the “Boom” and building my first home when I was 24, I worked myself into a construction career and up to a Commercial High Rise Project Manager and used this experience to start my own fit out company. This of course then evolved into the means to restore and renovate my own investment properties that I added to my own family real estate portfolio.


The urge and curiosity to understand the entire process is where my real estate career started, here’s where my family and friends would be beneficiaries of my other Passion, an enduring and continued 14 year membership at the Freo Dockers, because I have to occasionally give up my member seats on the weekends.. In this power move, starting full swing with the Western suburbs juggernaut Acton, a 50 year old WA company, where in just 3 months I was entrusted with the Sales and Marketing Manager role of the prominent Subiaco Central office.


With stock from these life and career learnings during this process of climbing the ladders is where I realised at heart, I Am a creator. We are all Creators.  


SHERLOCK Homes Group was born.


Property Solved.


Partner, Founder and Dockers supporter.

Simon Bird

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