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Tim Sherlock, Partner & Licensee

I was born in Glengarry Hospital in 1984.
I was the 4th child. The last child. The whoopsie child.

My mum was bought up on a farm near Gingin, and with her values and kind spirit became a child and adolescent social worker in Shenton Park.

My Dad was born in Christchurch NZ, and met my mum working on the family farm in his late teens. He went on to become a revered helicopter pilot. Mustering Buffalo in Northern Territory, crop spraying throughout the east coast of Australia and fire fighting in Erickson Air Cranes in Australia during our bush fires and all over the World.
My parents are a great inspiration to me and created a drive in me to succeed.

Following in my father’s footsteps I decided I wanted to be a pilot, and was awarded an Aeronautics Scholarship at Morley Senior High School and started learning to fly a plane.
This was a decision my parents let me make at 12 years old. It was one of the biggest and most pivotal decisions I had made, and meant leaving all of my childhood friends, to start at a school where I knew nobody.

My sense of humour has always served me when trying to make new friends, and I’ve always loved a good laugh and appreciated a quick-witted response. I created some new bonds and friendships that I still have today and it opened up my horizon to meeting new people and finding new places to belong.

When I graduated Year 12, the majority of my friends were heading to University while I was still searching for what I wanted to BE in life. Having decided I no longer wanted to be a pilot as a career due to the amount of time my father spent away from home, I now opted for a path in Hospitality and began my studies in Marine, Dive and Resort Management.

At the age of 18, with a yearning for adventure, wanting to get away from the “small town” of Perth and in complete parallel with not wanting to be away from my home and family, I decided to travel the circumference of Australia in a 1974 Datsun 120Y over the course of 3 years.

This ember of desire began a bonfire of passport stamp collections that took me all over the world including;

New Zealand, South East Asia, England, North America, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, Mexico and many other countries in-between.

With a hair brained scheme and very little regard for my own health I “planned” a motorcycle trip across Canada starting on Vancouver Island, Canada. I made it about 300km out of Vancouver and the engine blew up. And also it was now winter. Refer to above “planned “.

My 6 week trip turned into 10 years in Canada where I met my wife and had our first child there.

One of my joys is hiking and camping and I had the privilege of exploring many postcard destinations on the west coast of North America, and enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery of mountains, waterfalls and forests running to the ocean that still occupy my thoughts today.

During my evolution of Hospitality and Sales I was the Spa Manager in the Fairmont Hotel, hosted wedding events and was in Sales for Spa’s and Beauty Salons.

In what would be deemed a completely diverse role I transitioned into mining and oil and gas in roles of Procurement, Contracts and Material Coordination.
This was a flow on from my sense of logistics, timing and management that had been developing.

I started buying and renovating homes on the side, as I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit. We either flipped these homes or rented them through air BnB.
I loved it. We had a holiday home in different cities, and also the prospect of an ongoing investment, and that concept of passive income, as well as having a base to go with family and friends is my main driver when looking for my next investment.

We moved back to Australia to thaw out, and spent some time in a campervan along the east coast with our 2 year old, and hit some sights in the North West before settling back in Perth, where in 2019 our 2nd child was born.

I took my learnings and experience from buying and selling in North America as a hobby and decided to take it on as a full time career. It was another pivotal decision, and one I felt was destined to make as shortly into my career, I fundamentally knew that there were some high-level flaws in the way homes were being sold. A family’s most important move and major financial security, was being sold by someone who wasn’t passionate about the owner’s result. Years of industry practice and complacency needed to be shaken up.

Sherlock Homes Group was born.

I’ve brought my passion, my planning and logistics and my positive happy attitude together into an industry I truly love. And with this drive will help every one of our clients achieve a result that was before, only in their wildest imaginations.

I look forward to meeting you in person, and creating an experience you will remember.

Property Solved.

With a Smile,
Tim Sherlock
Partner Father Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Tim Sherlock

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